Stress Management

This course is much more than a stress-management programme. The principles and techniques participants learn are essential for successful leadership, self-mastery, focus, and ability to work effectively with others. Benefits to the company include: Fewer staff sick days - Lower staff turnover - Better customer care due to improved morale - More efficient staff performance.

  • Examine the three main causes of stress and understand the difference between 'pressure' and 'stress'.
  • Recognize that stress is a positive, unavoidable part of everybody's life.
  • Identify how lifestyle choices contribute to stress and how we can work towards making different choices. Avoiding the "As Soon As” Trap.
  • To increase your understanding of workplace behaviour, the costs of stress and to develop new ways to handle your moods and emotions.
  • Identify and recognise the signs of stress in yourself and others and how to control information overload.
  • Look at the effect stress has on our health, thoughts, feelings and behaviour and the impact it can have on the individual and their colleagues.
  • How people cope and react to too much pressure, and ways to change attitudes and perceptions.
  • How to stay calm and in focus despite uncertainty.
  • Overcome resistance to change and recognise the four stages of change.
  • Mastering the choice and change challenge.
  • Cope with negative conversations and become aware of your 'self-talk'.
  • Tips to save time, prevent procrastination and become more organised.
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