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She Who Believes In Herself

Posted on: March 23, 2018, in Latest News

It is 14 years since I started Impact Mentorship. It wasn’t even a dream, it was out of necessity actually, but it soon became my dream…

I was looking through my goal book that I created so long ago and which many of you have seen. As I open the flap there on the inside I read the words that I picked up somewhere and felt were so important. It reads;

“She Who Believes In Herself”

Trusting her instincts was the hardest thing she ever did.
But she listened to the whisperings of her heart.
She pushed forth with faith in her skills and
faith in her knowledge that she could succeed.
And she did!
In the end, trusting her heart was the smartest thing she ever did.

How true those words have turned out to be.
Many of you, who look through my revitalised website, will know me and probably have attended my courses. I recall those humble beginnings, which gave me confidence but also humility. The team building in the tranquil Mtunzini Forest, the more refined Communications courses that I was recognised for, but above all those the Emotional Intelligence courses, which I was still inventing as I felt my way along in this new field of training. Those experimental courses which were held in the most odd venues. I recall one being held in a store room at the back of a clothing store, and yet another, with the committee members of BWA, held under a tree in the game park!! Not to mention the numerous courses held in my home in the evenings, with my faithful dog Casey, disturbing our “meditation ” sessions by gently placing a her tennis ball on respective laps in hopes that some unfocussed person might flick it off and begin a game. And my parrot, Judge (he is still going strong) whistling and talking in the background as we attempted to focus and practise breathing. Oh the laughter. Memories stream into my head as I write and I am filled with warmth, humility and sheer gratitude. All of you have had a part to play in leading me to where I am, Thank you for believing in me so much that I started to believe in myself. Without you and your support and kindness I would never have got to where I am now.

As the world changes so does Impact Mentorship change with it, we have expanded with it. We have developed new training material and gone into new fields of training so that we can keep ahead in this fast moving world and our clients requests. We now have more facilitators on board and they are good, really good.

The company had changed but remember my soul never changes and I remain the woman you know. I am happy!!