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Biddy White

Biddy WhiteBiddy White is the founder and CEO of Impact Mentorship has over 20 years management experience, a Diploma in Business management and has studied the benefits of understanding and recognising Emotional Intelligence in the work place. She is an inspirational conference presenter, highly regarded workshop facilitator, and has an impressive track-record in delivering results and bringing about positive change to organisations. She has lead important executive retreats, strategy sessions, focus groups, conferences and other group sessions.

 Jayne Whittaker

Jayne WhittakerJayne’s twenty years’ experience as a facilitator is diverse and varied. Her speciality is facilitating Microsoft Office and she is a Master Instructor for MCAS. She has NQF 6 in Project management and has been training Microsoft Project for the last ten years. Jayne proficiency and many years practise in the soft skills training field has made her a very popular facilitator. She has focussed mainly on spoken Communications training, Time Management, Problem Solving and Constructive Feedback Jayne’s personalized touch and approachable ways make her a truly inspiring trainer with a determination to see her participants rise above their potential.

Denise Pitot

Denise PitotDenise Pitot is a training facilitator with the qualifications and experience to deliver inspiring and industry-specific training programs that are designed to introduce new employees to the principles of customer service, or to enhance the knowledge and skills of current employees. Denise has experience and a profound knowledge of Customer Service. Her strong communication, motivational skills and ability to build rapport with others makes her a respected and well liked facilitator who delivers excellent results.
Denise designs and plans the group process, and selects the tools that best help the group progress towards the desired outcome. She guides and controls the group process to ensure that:


  • There is effective participation.
  • Participants achieve a mutual understanding.
  • Their contributions are considered and included in the ideas, solutions or decisions that emerge.
  • Participants take shared responsibility for the outcome.
  • Ensure that outcomes, actions and questions are properly recorded and actioned, and appropriately dealt with afterwards.

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