Effective Meetings

This is an essential Leadership course. Meetings are a key tool in the successful management of business activities. All too often time and effort is wasted, by calling and attending meetings, which are not well planned, have no clear purpose and where attendees fail to participate in making decisions.

  • Understand the value of meetings and the cost to the company if not conducted properly.
  • Essentials of effective meetings and meeting Preparation.
  • Recognize the critical planning steps that make meeting time more effective and acquire a range of interpersonal skills to keep control of the meeting.
  • Identify the steps to take to create an open and safe forum for discussion, and how to control the meeting by keeping focused.
  • Manage the dynamics of diverse people.
  • The responsibilities of the chairman and other roles.
  • Effective listening and questioning techniques to facilitate information exchange during a meeting.
  • Ensuring the appropriate documentation is developed and distributed (Minutes and Agenda).
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